Notes on Safety and Preparation:

Before getting into the details and procedures, let’s look at a few safety considerations. It’s never a bad idea to share this information with family members and teach everyone in your home about how & when to turn off the gas, electricity, and water. It can be as simple as clearly marking where the shut-off valves are, walking family members through the steps, and posting instructions close by for reference if you want to take it a step further.

Whether it be in the event of an emergency or a remodeling project, you may need to shut off the utility service at your home, and possibly in a hurry. Below are some general guidelines for shutting off utility services to your home. In some cases you will need to modify the information to reflect your shut off requirements at your home or as directed by your utility company.

Water Shut Off

Water generally comes into your home through a ¾ to 1.5 inch diameter water pipe that connects to a water main which usually runs under the street. This water pipe is usually pvc (plastic) pipe or steel and should be buried below the frost level to avoid freezing.

Step 1: Find the water shut off valve

The quickest way to locate the water shut off valve is to locate the water meter. In mild climates the meter is usually in a box located close to the street. In colder regions the meter can usually be found inside the house (locations vary) . Either way, you’ll find the shut-off valve on the water main side of the meter and there's often one on the house side as well. On a private system, it will be near where the line leaves the pressure tank...

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